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These are the basic documents you need to rent, but they may vary depending on the property owner.


1) Copy of the IDs of individuals over 18 years old who will be living on the property (can be a passport).

2) 3 months and Administrative Fee (first month, last month, deposit, and $45 administrative fee) apply to almost all rentals. To submit an offer, you need the first month’s rent. Once the offer is accepted, on the day the property is handed over, the last month’s rent, deposit, and administrative fee are due.

3) Documents that demonstrate your ability to pay rent, including: employment letter indicating salary or bank statements showing deposits or transactions. Only for individuals who will be on the lease.

4) Police record for individuals over the age of 18 who will be living on the property. This requirement can be obtained at police stations.

5) Credit report, obtainable from Credit Karma or any platform that provides your credit report.

6) On the day the keys are handed over, we must provide the last month’s rent, the deposit for one month, and a money order for the $45 administrative fee made out to “Avanti Way Realty,” the agency where I work. This is the only amount payable to me; the rest is for the property owner.

NOTE: You can obtain the Credit Report and Police Record through an application that I can send you, which costs $24. Alternatively, you can get the Credit Report through Credit Karma and obtain the Police Record by visiting police stations.


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